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Sun prints, or cyanotypes are one of the oldest forms of photography, discovered by the Victorians in the late 1830s. Initially it was used to record botanical specimens and famously algae by Anna Atkins. Since then it has been used and explored by artists of all ages.

Traditionally the images give a strong blue and white image, although the resulting prints can be tinted, painted over and embellished.

If you are interested in sun prints you can book me to run a workshop for your group. I am happy to travel within 1 hour of Oxford.


Sun prints are suitable for all ages, but because they use photographic chemicals some basic safety precautions are needed:

  • Change you rinsing water regularly

  • Keep the process away from animals

  • Wear gloves if you have very sensitive skin

  • Supervise children

Find out more about the full process here

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