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Art Fun


for adults

Creativity with Context

We offer a variety of workshops for adults and can cater for all interests and abilities. We come to you with everything you need to have a  fun and fulfilling experience. We offer workshops for groups, team building activities, fundraising opportunities for schools and something different for 'Hen' parties. Prices start from £20 per participant.


All year round, 18 year +

Flavour your own gin

Find out about the plants and history behind the popular herbs, spices and fruits that flavour gin. Then get hands on and make your own unique blend and flavour some gin to take home!

Image by Alice Pasqual

2 hour workshop


All year round

Printing with trash

Collagraphs are the art of printing with recycled and found materials. Use textured scraps to create a printing 'plate' and make some impressive prints without any fancy printing equipment! Great fun and easy to replicate at home.

Image by Yucel Moran

3 hour workshop

sun print.jpg

All year round - but must have access to natural light!


Create magical prints with light sensitive paper and beautiful natural materials. Find out how and why the process works but most importantly create some stunning artworks, cards and gift tags to take home and use. Great for all abilities, especially 'non' artists!

Image by Yucel Moran

2 hour workshop

willow dragonfly.jpg

All year round, but best for spring and summer

Willow decorations for your garden

Twist, tie and plait supple willow to create some beautiful creatures to adorn your garden. Learn how to weave a bird feeder, dragonflies, stars, flowers and even a snail! Great for absolute beginners!

Image by Jirasin Yossri

2 hour workshop

felted soaps.jpg

All year round

Felted soaps

Learn the technique and science behind wet feltmaking. In this slightly messy workshop you will first make a flat piece of colourful felt before making a felted soap that can be used in the shower at home or given as a gift. Lots of fun, but wear an apron!

Image by Tara Evans

2 hour workshop


Late November and early December

botanical christmas wreath

Create a truly unique and botanical wreath using unusual plants, fruits and seed pods to make a one-off creation to hang on your door. Find out the significance of many 'Christmas' plants.

Image by Yucel Moran

2 hour workshop

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