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Our Workshops

Creativity with Context

Our workshops are devised especially to meet your needs. We can tailor themes, timescales and session content to the interests and abilities of your class or group. A few examples are below, but we are happy to devise workshops around a variety of art, environmental and gardening subjects!

Year 2 assemblage.jpg


Sometimes pupils need an extra bit of support, due to existing special educational needs or just from challenging life experiences. Many schools now offer 'Nurture Sessions' or 'Nurture Clubs' and these creative sessions help to build enjoyment of the arts and increase self confidence.



This is a great way for a class or group to embrace the third dimension. Often sculpture is deemed too time-consuming, difficult or expensive to be done in school settings or with large groups, but we have found ways to engage young people with 'additive' and 'subtractive' sculpture techniques.




This programme helps students to explore various methods of constructing textile artworks. Craft-based techniques are explored and developed to create the desired effect.



These workshops allow pupils to engage with the planet's elements. Artworks are created through exploration of the element's physical properties whilst gaining an understanding of their importance to humans and the planet. Each session is supplemented with a selection of natural objects from the seasonal world around us.




This programme helps students to explore the creative possibilities of surface decoration and embellishment in textiles. Textiles can utilise craft-based processes and techniques in order to create fine art pieces.


We love to celebrate the seasons and autumn is superbly generous in the wealth of opportunities it gives us to work creatively and understand the planet and the seasonal changes around us.

Fall Tokens


We both worked for many years at Oxford Botanic Garden and so have a innate understanding of plant lifecycles and how to communicate these to schools and groups using seasonal examples.


Printmaking with pupils and groups is so rewarding. Printmaking takes away the pressure of the drawn line and replaces it with the enjoyment of shape, form and texture. We have used many forms of printmaking over the years, but all start with inspiration from the natural world.


school gardening

We can help you to set up a new school garden or help with a bit of gentle guidance and garden know how. These sessions will get your pupils out of the classroom, taking part in practical gardening activities and engaging with nature. Gardening is contextualised within food miles and food security.

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